The association shall be known as “The India Association of Northern Nevada”,herein called the I.A.N.N., a non-profit perpetual entity.



The current address of the association is:

P.O. Box 8382, Reno, NV 89503,

In a diverse religious and multicultural society like U.S.A., and the State of Nevada there is a strong need to establish the cultural and religious identity and preserve cultural and religious heritage of the people of Indian Subcontinent origin. In order to achieve this objective, the I.A.N.N. shall engage in various cultural, religious and social activities
by that promoting a sense of fellowship among the members of the Association and the community at large.



The membership of the association shall be open to all individuals of Indian subcontinent origin, their descendants and associates and others interested in Indian culture and religions. The membership categories shall be as follows:

  • Individual Member; at least 18 years of age.
  • Family Member; includes primary member, spouse, and any dependent parents and children.
  • Student Member; all students over 18 years of age and enrolled in any approved  educational institution.
  • Corporate Member; any registered business or corporation.
  • Life Member



The membership dues will be decided by the “Board of Directors” of the Association from time to time and shall be payable annually except the Life Membership. The membership dues are payable by August 31 every year and the membership year will be from September 1 to August 31 each year. However, any one becoming member after March 31 will have to pay only half the dues for that membership year. The dues shall be payable by check drawn in favor of I.A.N.N. or by cash.


  • Every member except the Corporations, shall have the right to elect by secret ballot the “BOARD OF DIRECTORS”. Each member shall have one vote.
  • The family members shall have two votes.
  • Each student member shall have one vote.
  • Members shall have the privilege of attending I.A.N.N. annual picnic at no charge.
  • Members shall have the right to participate in all the functions and activities of I.A.N.N., by paying applicable fee, if any.
  • Members shall have the right to propose any amendment to the constitution of the IANN to be approved by the majority votes.
  • Members shall have the right to receive the Newsletter of I.A.N.N., receive the discount for attending I.A.N.N. activities and right to attend the Board of Directors meetings as an observer.



The I.A.N.N. shall have the “Board of Directors” consisting of the following duly elected officers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Cultural Affairs Officer
  • Three Members at Large




  • Shall be the chief executive officer of the I.A.N.N.
  • Shall preside (or his nominee) over all Board of Directors meetings and the general  body meetings.
  • Shall co-sign along with the treasurer to operate the account of the I.A.N.N.
  • Shall cast a deciding vote in case of a tie.
  • Shall in consultation with the Board of Directors appoint and establish committees,  chairpersons, Editor of the I.A.N.N. Newsletter and the Web Master for the I.A.N.N. Web Page.

Vice President

  • Shall act as Acting President in the absence of the President whenever President is unable to perform his duties or is disabled.
  • Shall prepare the agenda of the Board of Directors meetings and inform them about the meeting place/time and date.
  • Shall be in-charge of physical assets of the I.A.N.N.
  • Shall be in-charge of membership drive and shall maintain/update the membership list

General Secretary

  • Shall arrange all Board of Directors meetings in consultation with the Board of Directors
  • Shall maintain and distribute minutes of all meetings
  • Shall be responsible for all correspondence and keep the Board of Directors informed
  • Shall arrange for purchasing, leasing of facilities, fixtures and physical assets


  • Shall maintain the books of I.A.N.N.
  • Shall operate the financial instruments of I.A.N.N. in consultation with the President
  • Shall keep track of membership dues and inform all the members about renewing their
    membership every year in time.

Public Relations Officer

  • Shall be the spokesperson of the I.A.N.N.
  • Shall help the Vice President in matters related to membership drive and fund raising
  • Shall act as one of the Associate Editors with the Editor of the I.A.N.N. Newsletter
  • Shall help in publicizing the I.A.N.N. or related activities through news papers, TV, radio announcements or any other suitable communications means.

Cultural Affairs Officer

  • Shall organize the religious, cultural and social activities of the I.A.N.N.
  • Shall support the community religious, cultural and social activities on behalf of the I.A.N.N.
  • Shall arrange the weekly or monthly puja, havan and kirtan etc. in peoples’ houses or other suitable places until the temple/community center is built
  • Shall analyze the religious, cultural or social needs of the community and provide resources to fulfill those needs to the best of I.A.N.N. abilities
  • Shall make the necessary arrangements for inviting cultural, religious and social leaders from around the world in consultation with the Board of Directors


  • Shall be held at least 9 meetings per year at a designated place and time, with a minimum of 7 days advance notice to the Board of Directors.
  • Quorum shall consists of simple majority of the Board of Directors
  • The emergency meetings can be called upon request by any member of the Board of Directors or general membership


  • The general membership meeting will be held at least once a year possibly during Diwali function
  • The date, time and place for the General Membership Meeting will be decided by the General Secretary in consultation with the Board of Directors
  • Any other general membership meeting may be called through a petition signed by simple majority of the voting membership


  • General elections shall be held every TWO years
  • The duration of office for every member of the Board of Directors shall be two years
  • There shall be a limit of two consecutive terms of service for every member of the Board of Directors
  • The Returning Officer designated by the Board of Directors shall call General Election. Any member in good standing may be nominated. The nominations must be received by the last date decided by the Board of Directors.
  • Voting shall be by secret ballot and in person.
  • Absentee voting by mail will be permitted provided the voter obtains the necessary ballots and returns it to the Returning Officer no later than three day before the election.
  • Write-in candidates shall be permitted.
  • The results of the election shall be declared on the day of election at the conclusion of other activities. The candidates receiving maximum number of cast votes shall be declared elected for the respective office bearer positions.
  • No member of the Board of Directors can serve on the election committee or any instrument there of. No campaigning shall be permitted at the polling place. The term of the elected officers shall commence on January 1, following elections and at that time the outgoing officers shall hand over the affairs of I.A.N.N. in total to the in-coming officers without any exception.


  • Vacancies resulting due to resignation or disqualification of any member of the Board of Directors shall be filled in the following manner:
  • President- for the position of President, the Vice President or the General Secretary in the respective order shall assume the office of the President for the remainder of the unexpired term.
  • Other BOARD OF DIRECTORS Positions- for all other vacant positions the remaining Board of Directors shall elect from the general membership through a consensus vote. The appointed person shall serve for the unexpired term of the office.
  • The vacant position(s) shall be filled within thirty days form the date of occurrence of such vacancy.



Any member of the Board of Directors may vacate the duly held position by giving a written notice of intent at least thirty days before such resignation. The General Secretary (or nominee) shall immediately inform the President of such vacancy.



Any amendment to this constitution shall be by written initiative and referendum and to be approved by two third majority of the general membership.


  • Non-Payment of dues by August 31, shall be the cause of immediate disqualification. A thirty days (or other period permitted by the President) reinstatement period may be allowed.
  • Willful and malicious disruption of the activities of the I.A.N.N. by any registered member(s) or any of their guests shall be the cause of disqualification, after determination and thorough investigation by the Board of Directors or their appointed committee.
  • Damage to any property under control of the I.A.N.N. shall be cause of immediate disqualification
  • Fighting or use of any unauthorized substance or intoxication or lewd behavior on the premises of the I.A.N.N. or place of meetings or functions of the I.A.N.N., shall be the cause of immediate disqualification


  • Failure to attend three consecutive meetings without a valid reason
  • Failure to uphold the aims and objectives of the I.A.N.N.
  • Misappropriation of funds, financial instruments, physical and tangible assets of the
  • Fighting, use of any unauthorized substance, intoxication or lewd behavior on the
    premises of the I.A.N.N. or place of meeting or functions of the I.A.N.N.