India association of Northern Nevada (I A N N), a non-profit perpetual entity, strives to celebrate the diversity and rich heritage of the Indian sub continent by organizing cultural events and supporting local communities. The goal of this organization is to bring the all the citizens of the Indian subcontinent together and celebrate various community events. 

India association of Northern Nevada (I A N N) is the premier Indian-American organization in Northern Nevada Region, representing immigrants from the Indian subcontinent and their progeny  living in Northern Nevada. In early years, the Association had played a major role in bringing together a small, but growing, Indian-American community by celebrating the festivals of India, by organizing musical events, and so on.  Over the decade, IANN has also encouraged the children and the youth to uphold the cultural heritage of their forebears by organizing cultural programs at various events such as Diwali Celebrations, Spring Mela, Summer Picnic etc.

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It would be easy, blissfully easy, at the India Association of Northern Nevada’s Diwali dinner to eat nothing but plate after plate of gulab jamun. These pastry balls are fashioned from milk-solids, deep fried, then soaked in spiced syrup. They’re wickedly addictive.

But as tempting as they are, they’re just one of several courses the India Association is offering on Nov. 7 as it marks Diwali (dee VAHL ee), the ancient Hindu festival of lights that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil.

“Across India, it’s the most important Hindu festival of the year. It’s religious and cultural,” said Chira Pagidi, president of the India Association and chair of the dinner, which is open to the public and which is being held this year at the Joe Crowley Student Union on the University of Nevada campus.



Diwali 2017

Ugadi 2017